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Active Indoor Activities For Your Energetic Kids

Casildo Chapa   March 4, 2019   Comments Off on Active Indoor Activities For Your Energetic Kids

Unlike adults, kids are very energetic. They repeatedly run to and fro without getting tired. It’s amazing how they find joy in simple things and exert their utmost effort in playing. Apparently, this is only one side of the story. The other side, on one hand, tells the story of a parent tirelessly chasing their children, which can be a very tiring activity if outdoors. So are you one of these parents? Then, worry note as here are some indoor activities that you might consider so you won’t have a hard time worrying about your children.


Admit it, you also played then back when you were young! Hopscotch is a classic activity for the youngsters and young at heart. Although it is commonly played outdoors, you can play this game indoor by using painter’s tape to create the hopscotch board. Teach your kids how to play the hopscotch and pretty soon, you might even find yourself playing with him.

If you have noticed that your child is into entertainment shows, then play with their strengths by challenging them to do a drama show. If he’s a little shy, try something lighter like choreographed dance lessons in Moorabbin or a song routine.

A one- to two-minute solo will do. Take note of his output and you might end up discovering your child’s hidden potential in the creative arts. Support them by sending them to a theatre, voice, or dance school from Sharon Lawrence Academy of Dance.

Red Light, Green Light

Another classic game is the red light, green light. However, this game has been improved and innovated through the years as some added other colors with it. It’s a simple game to play wherein you need to assign task for every color. For example, if it’s green light, you need to jump. If it’s blue, touch the sky. If it’s purple, you need to bop. Explore other colors and have fun.


Engage your kids into real sports by setting up plastic cups or bottles as bowling pins. Use a painter’s tape to draw the bowling line. You can use any ball you have, regardless of the size. Teach your kids how to knock down the plastic cups or bottles like a real bowling pro! You can even try a different setup by stacking these “pins” in an upward position if you like.

Indoor moments do not have to be boring for your kids. Try these activities to get your kids actively moving and at the same time, having fun inside the comforts of your home.