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Popular Circus Shows Around The World

Casildo Chapa   April 15, 2019   Comments Off on Popular Circus Shows Around The World

One of the most popular and the old modes of outdoor entertainment is the circus. It is an activity that combines the human and animal activities. It is fun and adventure. The best part feature of this activity is that it takes the attention of men and women of all the ages. It is an excellent family entertainment. The circus shows happen all over the world. The most popular circus shows all over the world are as follows:

The flying fruit fly circus is a popular circus that started in Australia in 1970. Besides entertainment it is also used as a mode of learning for the young kids. The circus is now a certified mode of entertainment that has got the certification from the Victorian Department of Education.
Circus Vargas is native to the United States. It took its name from the founder Clifford Vargas. The circus is organized in a specialized circus tent that is referred as Big Top.

Circuba is a Cuba based circus show. The first show was ever staged in 1968. This circus not hires the members at once. It actually works as the training field as well. The team members are initially trained both theoretically and practically and then added as the part of the circus. It takes a whole four years to become a professional circus performer.

Cirque du Soleil is the most popular Canadian circus of the modern times. The circus has become popular because it brings together the

various global styles and performances. Thus, it fascinates people from all over the world as they can adhere to these varying styles.
Ringling Bros. and Burnum & Bailey Circus was staged in 1907 for the first time. Since then this circus has become a landmark for the United States. They spiegeltent tour dates around in both truck and the train once and twice in a year.

No fit State Circus stands out because of the venue that is referred as the spaceship tent.

Cirque Medrano is a French circus. Initially it was known as Robert Austin circus after the name of its first organizers. The same name was later abbreviated into MedRAno.

Moscow State Circus is a Russian circus that actually means the two popular circus shows being Circus Nikulin and Bolshoi Circus.
Circus Contraption is a popular circus from Seattle. They are known for their vibrant music and the stunning acrobats. Their music has become so popular that it is easily available in the stores as well.

Lennon Bros Circus started in Australia in 1890. Since then they are doing a great job with their well trained animals and performers. Besides they can move around on their sophisticated vehicles with eye catching colors

Active Indoor Activities For Your Energetic Kids

Casildo Chapa   March 4, 2019   Comments Off on Active Indoor Activities For Your Energetic Kids

Unlike adults, kids are very energetic. They repeatedly run to and fro without getting tired. It’s amazing how they find joy in simple things and exert their utmost effort in playing. Apparently, this is only one side of the story. The other side, on one hand, tells the story of a parent tirelessly chasing their children, which can be a very tiring activity if outdoors. So are you one of these parents? Then, worry note as here are some indoor activities that you might consider so you won’t have a hard time worrying about your children.


Admit it, you also played then back when you were young! Hopscotch is a classic activity for the youngsters and young at heart. Although it is commonly played outdoors, you can play this game indoor by using painter’s tape to create the hopscotch board. Teach your kids how to play the hopscotch and pretty soon, you might even find yourself playing with him.

If you have noticed that your child is into entertainment shows, then play with their strengths by challenging them to do a drama show. If he’s a little shy, try something lighter like choreographed dance lessons in Moorabbin or a song routine.

A one- to two-minute solo will do. Take note of his output and you might end up discovering your child’s hidden potential in the creative arts. Support them by sending them to a theatre, voice, or dance school from Sharon Lawrence Academy of Dance.

Red Light, Green Light

Another classic game is the red light, green light. However, this game has been improved and innovated through the years as some added other colors with it. It’s a simple game to play wherein you need to assign task for every color. For example, if it’s green light, you need to jump. If it’s blue, touch the sky. If it’s purple, you need to bop. Explore other colors and have fun.


Engage your kids into real sports by setting up plastic cups or bottles as bowling pins. Use a painter’s tape to draw the bowling line. You can use any ball you have, regardless of the size. Teach your kids how to knock down the plastic cups or bottles like a real bowling pro! You can even try a different setup by stacking these “pins” in an upward position if you like.

Indoor moments do not have to be boring for your kids. Try these activities to get your kids actively moving and at the same time, having fun inside the comforts of your home.

4 Outdoor Activities For Your Child This Summer

Casildo Chapa   January 16, 2019   Comments Off on 4 Outdoor Activities For Your Child This Summer

Summer holidays are coming up which means that you have to find ways to keep your kid pre-occupied. This can be fun and less stressful on you if it’s done right. Going to the beach or park would be a great activity but doing it every day won’t be fun and trips aren’t really an option if you are on a budget. On the good side, you can organize activities right in your backyard, this is inexpensive and you don’t really have to travel out.


This is an old favorite classic from the 90s. This game can go on for a while, and it is extremely fun. You can even go ahead and modify this game, instead of including numbers, prompt them to do something, like roar like a lion, touch the tree, sing the alphabet etc. You know what I mean.


If you have more than one child, you can turn gardening into a competition, teach them how to garden and assign each one of them with a list of garden chores, and make it look like a game and award the winner with something good. This is basically a win-win situation, they get to have fun and you still end up getting some work done. But be careful, make sure they wear suitable clothing, appropriate footwear and are sprayed with repellants. 

Something they can jump on

Children love jumping up and down on a bed, this is fun but can damage the bed and they can end up getting injured if they bounce off the bed, so to keep things safe, you can get a jumping castle hire. You can also talk with the other parents and share the castle with the rest of the kids.

The great inflatable castle can be used to play games, instead of just allowing the kids to jump on it. You can introduce games such as dance and freeze, this is the same as dancing statues where they have to be still when the music stops but this is going to be much harder as the children would struggle to stay still on the bouncy castle.


This can never get old, you can either buy one or look up online and make your own bubble mixture for your kids. This alone would suffice for most children.You can mix and match some of these activities together throughout the holidays to keep your children occupied, but don’t leave your children unattended, have someone to supervise your children at all times.


Casildo Chapa   October 19, 2017   Comments Off on MAKE WEDDINGS MORE SPECIAL WITH WEDDING BANDS

Events such as weddings are very special for everyone because they only come once in a lifetime for many. Long distance relations and people who don’t know you also come to greet you and bring well wishes with them to wish you a happy life.When there is so much joy and love all around why don’t we make it more special, more entertaining and more memorable for everyone so that everyone present at the event remembers the day they had such entertainment and happy moments.Now to make such events more special one need to add some entertaining events and shows in the wedding which will make people feel that it’s just not a wedding but a place of unforgettable moments.

What can be Entertaining?

Entertainment comes when gathered all around smile, laugh, chat and enjoy the moments they are living in. That can be done by having entertainment shown on stage at your wedding, calling comedians for some comic performances and little concerts for the people present to wish you luck for your life. Wedding bands Melbourne is a great way to keep the crowd entertained.There are many companies that give the service of providing the best artists present for these jobs.

You can contact them and book some music artists that can perform and enlighten up your mood and the mood of people present there. A small music concert will make weddings more special by adding some taste of music to the sweetest moments. These wedding bands fill up the hall with their music and let people forget about what’s outside and enjoy the moment.There are many more entertaining services that are provided such as Children Entertainment services to keep small children happy and safe and let their parents enjoy their own time. These types of services provide disco for children, toy area and kids play areas where children are kept away from adults and are in their own groups to enjoy.

These services may also provide the presence of celebrity artists that increases the brightness of the day and makes the day more memorable. When people will think about that personality again the first thing that will come into their minds will be the day they got the chance to see and meet them and that was the wedding day.

So it’s worth it to make such a day more special and more memorable by opting for these services and take the advantage of the work they offer and make the people you love happier all around!